Ronald Falk is Keith

Ronald Falk           is  Keith

Ronald Falk began his career in Australia at the Union Theatre, Melbourne in The Front Page with the late Monica Maughan and Barry Humphries.

He spent two years at Melbourne’s National Theatre, then in Eastern Hill, playing Hamlet, Macbeth, Bassanio, Richard II and other classical roles, followed by ten years in England with the Old Vic, The English Stage Company at The Royal Court, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Traverse Theatre and being tutored by Athene Seyler in Wycherley’s The Gentleman Dancing Master.

Most recently Ronald appeared in Inheritance for the STC/MTC, played Beckett in Burnt Piano for Belvoir Street and Weary Dunlop in Weary.He also broadcast for twenty years with ABC Radio's The Science Show. Of late he has been seen in the feature Red Hill, set in Victoria’s high country. He has just completed a season of Melbourne Theatre Company’s acclaimed production of Apologia, opposite Robyn Nevin. Ronald reckons he has been playing old men since he was 21. Now, as a ‘codger’ he doesn’t need make-up anymore!